This “Gilmore Girls” star is *finally* getting a love life and we couldn’t be happier

As we’ve previously said, part of why we LOVE Gilmore Girls is because the supporting cast are just so excellent.

Yes, obviously, Lorelai and Rory’s (slightly dysfunctional) relationship is the heart and soul of the show, as is Lorelai’s relationship with her mother, Emily. However, without characters like Sookie, Michel, Jackson, Paris, Kirk (lord bless Kirk), and Lane, the show wouldn’t be what it is.


That’s why we’re so excited to learn that this Gilmore Girls character is *finally* getting a love life.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Yanic Truesdale, who plays Michel Gerard, the grumpy but loveable French hotelier, has revealed that after 16 years we’re actually going to see Michel dating.

"Michel has grown into someone who has a love life, which we've never seen before," Yanic told Entertainment Tonight. " He would go on dates, but it was very vague - we didn't see anyone or see the dates - so we'll get to know much more about who he is personally. That's the big change for me."


Knowing how small a town Stars Hollow is, we wonder who exactly it is the Michel has ended up dating? During the original seven season run of Gilmore Girls, the only major relationships we can think of that Michel had is with his mother and his two dogs Paw-Paw and Chin-Chin. And who could forget the sad day that Chin-Chin passed away?

Yanic also opened up about what it was like to return to Stars Hollow after all that time away.

In fact, he said it was like a high school reunion.

"It kind of changed everyone's life on that show," he said. "It was our first big experience, so to be able to go back as an actor, which never happens - when you're done with a part, you're done with a part, and that's it - we felt very privileged and very happy to have a second shot at something special."


Similarly, Yanic eased everyone’s nerves about whether fans that weren’t too keen on the seventh season of the show would be happy.

At the time, the seventh season of Gilmore Girls was mired with criticism following the departure of showrunner and creator Amy Sherman-Palladino.

"It is no longer a half meal," Yanic reassured fans. "It will be a full meal with everything that made it special the first time around."


Okay, so our GG excitement levels are now reaching critical. Seriously, Thanksgiving weekend can’t come soon enough!

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life returns to Netflix November 25th.

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