Netflix’s official “Gilmore Girls” Season 2 recap is here, and it’s what you need right now

Has our Gilmore Girls wish come true??

Not, not the surprise release of the Netflix revival, A Year in the Life, suddenly dropping onto Netflix. And no, we haven’t been promised fifteen more seasons (but we’re still hoping). Instead, it looks like for the next few weeks — omg, maybe leading up to a big announcement?? — Stars Hollow everyman, Kirk, is going to recap each and every season, in 60 seconds or less.

This is our kind of quick recap. This is also the best recap out of the two we’ve got so far, because of one thing: JESS!

Yes, Jess makes his grand debut in Season 2, and nothing will ever be the same for Rory Gilmore. Or, for that matter, Lorelai Gilmore either.

Highlights include: Mother daughter road trip, Angry Dean, and Lorelai and Chris reunite for “about five minutes.”

Honestly, this recap is to help jog our memory about all the great moments of Season 2, so we don’t necessarily have to reawatch the whole thing…but now it just makes us want to watch it even MORE. How long until the Season 3 recap? Kirk sure is a busy man.

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