It’s time to accept that Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is not coming back for Season 2

Do you remember where you were last year on Black Friday? I do! My sister was in town for Thanksgiving and politely forced me to go with her to Universal Studios Hollywood, because she really wanted to go to Harry Potter World, and ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. I’m always up for a trip to Hogsmead, but the thing about last Black Friday is that it was day Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life dropped on Netflix. This meant I could, under no circumstance, look at the internet all day because I was determined to keep those last four words as sacred as possible.

My sister and I then arrived back to my apartment later that night, watched “Winter” and “Spring,” and then the next morning finished up with “Summer” and “Fall.” I, just like everyone else on the planet, now know the last four words.

And since then, I, along with everyone else on the planet, have wondered if we’re going to get more Gilmore Girls. Those last four words serves as both a nice bow to the series as a whole, and also set up something else in Stars Hollow (a baby!). During the promotional tour before A Year in the Life, the cast was quizzed to no end as to if there’d be more. Now, during the year following the series, the cast is still being quizzed as to if they’ll be more. (Milo Ventimiglia has become an expert at shooting down Gilmore Girls Season 2 rumors.)

All of this begs the bigger question: Will there be more? I’d like more. I’d be open for more. Gilmore Girls is like a warm hug, or curling up on the couch with your favorite blanket for a cozy night in. It’s like your favorite pizza. It’s comforting and familiar and friendly, and you already know you like it. However, I think it’s also done, possibly forever.

I am no expert in how Netflix renews/cancels shows, but come on. We can all see that Netflix has not renewed the series, and it’s been a year. It took Netflix a month and a half to renew Stranger Things after Season 1. It took one month for Netflix to order more 13 Reasons Why — and that’s a series that really wasn’t supposed to come back for more. And Orange is the New Black was renewed for Season 2 before Season 1 had even aired (and since then, it’s now been renewed for multiple more seasons). Aside from very preliminary “talks” that haven’t manifested whatsoever, there’s not even a loud whisper that Gilmore Girls might come back.

On top of that, Gilmore Girls’ social media has gone dark. The last time the Gilmore Girls updated its Instagram, it was January 30th; Twitter was last updated on January 31st. Since then, they’ve retweeted a few things, but nothing actually from them. Their Facebook page is still active, yes, but I believe that page is being run by Warner Bros. Television and not Netflix (if someone wants to confirm this for me, that’d be great!). It’s just very odd that the social media for Gilmore Girls would completely stop, especially considering how active it had been during the months leading up to A Year in the Life. It means that…no one’s working on it. Because there’s no need for Gilmore Girls social media.

Adding more speculation to the end of Gilmore Girls, Amy Sherman-Palladino now has a new deal with Amazon, and a brand new show premiering next week. After the panic following her move to Amazon settled, she reassured the world that she could always return to Netflix for more Gilmore Girls; if schedules aligned, she’d return to Stars Hollow.

But, it doesn’t feel like schedules are aligning, and it doesn’t seem like anyone is going out of their way to make them align.

At this point, the residents of Stars Hollow have gone on to do other things. Alexis Bledel just won her first Emmy (!!) for Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu. We’re all obsessing over Ventimiglia’s unfortunate death on This Is Us. Heck, even Sean Gunn is now a big Marvel star. Unfortunately, and also totally understandable, no one has Gilmore Girls at the top of their priorities list, and that’s fine. It’s something we’re going to have to accept.

And besides, the season ended the way ASP intended for it to end, and it ended the way she always envisioned the series ending. Those last four words are iconic:  “Mom” / “Yeah?” /  “I’m pregnant.” She could have made it more cliffhanger-y to really suggest more, but she didn’t. And now that we’ve got the last four words, maybe that should be it. Back in 2007, doubtful that ASP was envisioning continuing on after those four words. Why should we force her to think about them now?

So on the year anniversary of A Year in the Life, I’m learning to let go of my hope that Gilmore Girls will be back. I mean, did any of us really think it would be back in the first place? No. I’m just going to assume it’s done, and really really done, so if/when it does ever pop up in my Netflix queue again I’ll be thoroughly surprised. Though I’d love to try and wish Season 2 into existence, I don’t think I can — I don’t think I should.

(However, if anyone is actually asking asking, I’d really like Season 2 because our world is dark, and grim, and bleak, and listening to Lorelai and Rory talk is therapeutic AF.)

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