Today in ‘Gilmore Girls’: Here’s Rory Gilmore’s current relationship status

Hopefully there’s no cap on Gilmore Girls reunions, because we’ve now got another one. But seriously, keep them coming. Make them happen all day, every day, for the rest of our lives, and it still probably won’t be enough Lorelai and Rory for us. This latest reunion happened on the Today Show, and while the full cast wasn’t in attendance this time, they still discussed the two most important Gilmore Girl things: Rory’s boyfriends, and a potential movie.

As we all know — because we’re going to remember it forever — the first big Gilmore Girls reunion took place this past weekend at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas.

This second reunion involved series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, Jared Padalecki, Kelly Bishop, Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham, and Scott Patterson. Sitting down with the Today Show, it was time to cut right to the chase: is Bledel Team Dean, Team Jess, or Team Logan? Graham jumps in to answer the question first, before realizing it’s directed at her on-screen daughter.

“I think she’d be seeing someone new,” Bledel laughs, “Or, she’d be single and focused on her career!” We love both of those answers, especially the second one where Rory’s in charge of her own destiny. As for where she is now in life, Bledel reassures us that she’s “definitely a journalist.”

The interview also sheds light on what drew each actor to the series. Patterson was originally only supposed to show up in one episode, maybe two. “I got the job as a guest star. I thought well, the real audition is going to be on the set. And the chemistry [between Graham and I was] evident. They offered two shows after that, and I said ‘no.’ And then they offered four, and I said ‘no.’ And then they said how about six? And I said yes.” Patterson explains that when he first read the script, “a tuning fork went off” and it just clicked for him. He also took all of Luke’s hats and some of the menus from Luke’s Diner when the show wrapped.

When Bledel first auditioned for the show, she was so new to acting, and that worked for Sherman-Palladino. Rory was supposed to be kind of unsure what to do in life, and apparently, Bledel was that same way on set. “[Bledel] was so unpolished, and it was so real,” Sherman-Palladino says, “It was something about that ‘I don’t know what way to face’ [that] worked beautifully, because Rory in that world was very open and unvarnished.”

Then, as Rory grew up, so did Bledel. She’s become “her own sort of comedian,” according to GG’s creator, and she’s just as fabulous as her fictional alter-ego.

As for Padalecki, “I was very much like the early Dean… I was fresh off the boat… I had a very simple kind of life, and I came in, and I was just this guy who was very believable as a small time guy who had simple wants and needs, and a simple life. Who Jared was at 17 is very much who [Dean] was.”.

And the last nugget of wisdom from this latest reunion? Will Gilmore Girls: THE MOVIE ever happen? “There’s nothing standing in our way. There’s, for sure, willingness,” Graham said. Patterson echoed that he’s “all in.”

So now, we re-watch every Gilmore Girls episode on Netflix, and we wait. If you’ve got time to spare today, I highly suggest checking out the full Today Show interview, if only to watch the cast play off of each other IRL. And hey, when can we expect the next Gilmore Girls reunion? Four, five days from now, hopefully?

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