This is not a drill. A ‘Gilmore Girls’ revival is REALLY happening

Remember that time we wrote about Gilmore Girls and how the show was coming back in the fall? And remember how we were like, “Wait guys, we mean the same Gilmore Girls episodes we’ve already seen are back, but on a new network called Up! TV.” And you guys were understandably upset because WE PULLED YOUR HEARTSTRINGS. And we are deeply sorry for doing that. But guess what? Today we have excellent Gilmore Girls news and we’re not even exaggerating this time.

TVLine reports that a Gilmore Girls revival is in the works, and that Netflix is behind the magic. The continuation “will consist of four 90-minute mini-movies written by series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and exec producer Daniel Palladino.” Are you with us so far? Do you need more coffee? Go make some, we will wait.

Are you back? OK, great. So as far as what the Gilmore Girls reboot will be like: TVLine states that there will be a time jump. Supposedly “Team Palladino pitched to Netflix meets up with Lorelai, Rory, Emily & Co. in the present day, or roughly eight years after the series ended.” Sad news? Melissa McCarthy will not be returning, reports Hollywood Reporter.

If you need a refresher before you start binge-watching these movies, let’s talk about the last season of Gilmore Girls [SPOILER ALERTS! SPOILER ALERTS! Keep reading at your own risk, reader]. Rory broke up with her boyfriend Logan. She’s empowered, she’s single, and she’s going to be OK. Because a lady doesn’t need a dude to feel like she has worth. And as for Lorelai? The “will they / won’t they?” is finally resolved with Luke.

But a lot was left up in the air, so we’re beyond psyched Netflix is bringing us more Gilmore Girls —not just so that we can check up on our fave ladies, but so that our heart feels content and complete and whole. ‘Till then, we’ll be marathoning Gilmore Girls the next few weeks with endless mugs of coffee.

According to Hollywood Reporter, production starts next year.

(Image via the CW)