This is how Amy Sherman-Palladino pitched “Gilmore Girls” to Netflix, and OMG it’s perfect

How do you revive a television show that’s been off the air for nine years? The short answer is you don’t. But, if you’re Amy Sherman-Palladino and want to head back to Stars Hollow, you find a way to convince Netflix to let you make a Gilmore Girls revival — even if it means you, yourself, have to act out scenes from your planned revival. That’s one way to really WOW them.

In an interview with TVLine, Daniel Palladino (Gilmore Girls executive producer, and husband of ASP), explain how they went in to a meeting with Netflix and convinced them to bring Lorelai and Rory back to life.  From the sound of it, it was no easy task, but their commitment to the show clearly won Netflix over.

The two actually pitched to three different networks (Netflix, included) and didn’t just go in with an outline for the revival, but rather roughly 85% of it already planned out.

“Amy and I would perform certain key dialogue moments — especially comedic ones where describing them just wouldn’t do it justice — with a performance,” he explains to TVLine. “Otherwise, over the course of the hour it would’ve gotten very dull. There were whole monologues of Lorelai’s that Amy would perform. I would sometimes play Lorelai, too. And sometimes we would recite dialogue back and forth. And sometimes we would stand. That’s how we always pitch things — with a lot of dialogue and a lot of performance.”

While this sounds like an unruly Town Hall meeting, it’s ultimately what convinced Netflix to give them the green light, even without a full commitment from the cast.

“We talked to the principal four — Lauren [Graham], Alexis [Bledel], Scott [Patterson]and Kelly [Bishop],” Palladino continues. “And we asked them, ‘If we were to do this, would you do it?’ If one of them said they absolutely wouldn’t do it, we would not have proceeded.”

All this hard work and intense preparation paid off because GUESS WHAT? GILMORE GIRLS COMES BACK IN LESS THAN 48 HOURS!!!!