Lauren Graham possibly dropped major news about when “Gilmore Girls” will land on Netflix

Today in totally-not-confirmed-news, the word on the street in Stars Hollow is that Gilmore Girls might/probably/is rumored to have an air date.

The only thing more exciting than the idea of new Gilmore Girls episodes is actually WATCHING THEM. The revival is currently in production right now, and once that wraps, it’s only a matter of time before the series makes its way back into our lives again. But the big question is still when

Netflix — and the crew of Gilmore Girls — has been mum so far as to when these episodes might end up on the streaming site. Could be early Summer, could be sometime in the Fall, might even be sometime in 2017. Or, they could all land during Lorelai Gilmore’s favorite season, Winter.

And according to Lauren Graham, it sounds, tentatively, that’s exactly when they’re going to drop. During one of the latest episodes of the Gilmore Guys Podcast (it’s a thing), their guest, Ben Epstein, explains that he, his friend and his friend’s dad happened to run into Graham out in Hollywood, and asked her some tough questions. Like, when will our eyes be able to see these four new episodes? From what Graham supposedly relays to Epstein’s friend’s dad, and if we’re going to go off of what Graham says to some dad (because, sure), the episodes will be available to stream ~sometime~ in December.

This is still a huge question mark, because no one has confirmed this whatsoever, except for some guy’s friend’s dad. But, THIS MAKES SENSE. The revival was announced back in October, went into true production in January, and we don’t want to rush this great work of Gilmore art. December gives everyone enough time to get all affairs in Luke’s Diner straight.

The date is by no means confirmed by Netflix, or even Amy Sherman-Palladino. But we like the idea of December a lot. Only eight months away!

Correction 4/22/16: The Gilmore Guys Podcast reached out to us to confirm that this is indeed just a rumor and not by any ways true or confirmed by Netflix itself. But it’s still a really good rumor.

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