So…there’s a rumor that someone’s going to be pregnant in the “Gilmore Girls” revival

This was inevitable. OF COUSRE there’s bound to be a Gilmore Girls pregnancy rumor. Honestly, it’s surprising that we’ve lasted until right now for it to actually come up. So here goes. When Gilmore Girls returns, might either Lorelai or Rory be pregnant?

It’s been a solid TEN YEARS since was last caught up with this mother-daughter duo, and certainly things have changed in their lives over the past decade. While right now, there’s no indication that there’ll be a lil’ Gilmore running around the house, it’s hard not to let our mind wander there — when the revival picks up, as far as we know, Lorelai and Luke are still together. And what of Rory and her love life?

Last week, when the first (and perfect) Gilmore Girls trailer dropped, Lorelai was wearing an “I’m with human” shirt, and the whispers started. Was this a very subtle way to say that Lorelai is actually WITH CHILD? It’s so clever, it sounds like something Gilmore Girls would do.

Now, there’s another subtle nod to a ~maybe~ pregnancy.

Earlier today, the official Gilmore Girls Instagram account shared a picture of a Gilmore family meal: Coffee, Pop-tarts…and an apple.

The apple is the big clue here. You see, Ms. Lorelai Gilmore has never been one for eating healthy, but she confessed that at one point, she did enjoy an apple — when she was pregnant with Rory. Might we be seeing lots of Pop-tarts AND apples when the revival picks up in November?

Before you go freaking out TOO much, this Pop-tart/apple arrangement almost directly mirrors something Lorelai did all the way back in Season 1.


Is there reason to freak out? IDK!!! There’s always the chance that there could be a baby. There’s always the chance that there won’t be a baby. We’ll just have to wait and see — 116 days to go!!

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