Oh baby, Luke has now chimed in on that “Gilmore Girls” pregnancy rumor

When Gilmore Girls returns in a short 113 days, might there be another Gilmore Girl in the bunch? Or, a Gilmore Boy?

Earlier this week, rumors started swirling that one of the Gilmore ladies might be pregnant when the revival picks up. This is all thanks to a picture the Gilmore Girls Instagram shared, involving a bunch of Pop-Tarts and an apple. Because haven’t you heard that Pop-Tarts and apples mean pregnancy??

On top of that, during the first trailer, Lorelai is wearing a shirt that clearly reads, “I’m with human.” It’s obviously an election-pun…but it might mean she’s actually WITH human, as in a baby?

Gilmore Girls, and Netflix, and showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino have, obviously, not commented on the matter yet. But Luke on the other hand, well, he’s ready to dish on what he knows.

Talking to People, Scott Patterson confirmed that yes, 100%, Luke and Lorelai “are together.”

“We are together and we’re sort of figuring out our next step.”

When outright ASKED about the idea of the baby, People writes, “Patterson is playing coy” which we’ll take to mean: AND BABY MAKES THREE.

Okay, without official confirmation, this is all still speculation. But if Lorelai weren’t pregnant, don’t you think Patternson would come out and state that to squash this rumor before it gets any bigger? Will A Year in the Life be all about planning for a brand new bundle of joy, or might one already even be in the picture? We’ll just have to wait and see what happens when we return to Stars Hollow.

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