All the ways ‘Gilmore Girls’ predicted the future

We all love the Gilmore Girls for the witty dialogue and brilliant cultural references. (And for possibly also being in the same universe as Twin Peaks. No, really!) But in addition to showcasing the close bonds of quick-witted feminists, the show predicted a number of important trends that the show actually predicted. That’s right: Gilmore Girls is a show so good that it actually predicted the future. Bravo, Dorothy Parker Productions! Don’t believe us? Take a look at these five trends that the ladies of Stars Hollow were onto way before the rest of the world.

The farm-to-table movement was in Stars Hollow way before the rest of America

Before anyone was talking about the holy trinity of beets, butternut squash and brussels sprouts, Jackson was selling local produce in Stars Hollow and courting Sookie with his eggplant selection. In his humble overalls, he was an advocate for the farm to table movement years before it would take over every restaurant kitchen from New York City to San Francisco.

Before Jon Hamm was a television god, he was Lorelai’s love interest

Long before the world went ape for Jon Hamm in the marvelous Mad Men, he appeared on Gilmore Girls as a potential love interest for Lorelai. As Peyton Sanders, a dude who was into fast cars and fine wines, he didn’t exactly win her heart, but he sure got our attention. And look at that well-fitting suit and tie! Can you see the beginnings of Don Draper? Definitely.

Before Sheryl Sandberg, Lorelai Gilmore was already leaning in

Lorelai Gilmore was leaning in before it was a thing. As a single mom she balanced friendships, family and career with grace while never losing focus on her ultimate dream: owning her own inn. As she climbed the adder from maid to owner of the B&B, she was never too busy to mentor talent. She kicked ass, took names, and worked hard enough to make Beyonce proud.

Gilmore Girls predicted the resurgence of cool knitting groups, too

Years before yarn bombing blew up in Brooklyn and hip women everywhere were knitting their way through commutes and airports, the women of Gilmore Girls were working that craft circle like you wouldn’t believe. Look no further than the annual Stars Hollow Knit-a-thon for a delightful demonstration of DIY, and the precursor to the Etsy universe.

The rise of literary geek as love interest? Yep, that was on Gilmore Girls too

Before lonely boy got a book deal on Gossip Girl and Cohen read The Adventures of Cavalier and Clay on The OC, Jess was brooding and pining for Rory Gilmore with many classic novels in hand. His studly ways captivated our hearts and ignited our appreciation for the cute nerds of today.

So not only is Gilmore Girls entertaining and amazing, it’s also prescient. I hope heaven looks like Stars Hollow and serves free coffee from Luke’s. Don’t you?

By day, Adrianna G. Bevilaqua is Chief Creative Officer at M Booth. By night she loves to share pop culture gems and musings on how we live today. Adrianna has written for Dot Complicated, PR Week and Social Media Week. She is lives in NYC.

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