Who plays Paul on “Gilmore Girls”? You’ve probably seen this guy on TV before

There are a lot of shocks and surprises during the first episode of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life — and it should come without saying, THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD. The first moment you probably gasped out loud was when Rory suddenly realized that she had completely forgotten about her boyfriend Paul — [record scratch] PAUL? WHO IS PAUL? OMG, WHAT? Yup, Rory’s got a new guy, and we’ve got a new Gilmore guy to suddenly obsess over, and boy does he look familiar. Just who plays Paul, the boyfriend du jour, on Gilmore Girls?

Rory’s new main squeeze (okay, her main squeeze for right now, someone remind her to break up with him, okay?) is played by Jack Carpenter and he is no stranger to the small screen. He’s also no stranger to the world of Amy Sherman-Palladino, having appeared in ASP’s other other TV show, The Return of Jezebel James  – which, okay, was canceled after three episodes due to the 2007 Writer’s Strike, so maybe you haven’t actually seen Jack in an ASP show.

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But maybe you have seen I Love You, Beth Cooper, where Jack played Rich Munsch, and then there’s The Good Wife, where Jack had a recurring arc as a fictional tech guru falsely portrayed in a movie (ahem, The Social Network).

And now, he’s in Stars Hollow. And you know what? I’m just going to come out and say it: He looks like a cross between Dean and Jess.


But now will Paul stick around for the whole Year in the Life…or is Rory finally going to remember to cut him loose??