The “Gilmore Girls” cast has some interesting things to say about Paul during “A Year in the Life”

If there’s one boyfriend we really need to talk about, it’s Paul. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life quickly sets up that Rory has actually been seeing someone for two years, and enter, Paul. He’s not a bad guy for Rory by any means, he’s just a forgettable guy, as Gilmore Girls quickly establishes. The running joke of “who?” continues through the first episode of the revival — and actually, the entire revival. No one can remember Paul, let alone remember that he’s Rory’s current boyfriend.

Hey, at least she’s set a few reminders to break up with him…and then she quickly forgets about those reminders. Oh well.

Now that we’ve all seen A Year in the Life, it’s time to talk about Paul. It’s actually time to talk about the backlash against Paul, as many think Lorelai and especially Rory, were kinda mean to him. We can see that, and we get that. And sure, it wasn’t necessarily nice to leave Paul behind, but it did quickly establish Paul as kind of a long-running joke through the series (you wouldn’t want JESS to become the long-running joke, would you??).

Responding to the criticism of Paul, Lauren Graham is quick to point out that’s just the nature of Gilmore Girls.

“The show has a sense of humor, and that’s its sense of humor,” She explained during an Facebook live video for an SAG-AFTRA panel. “And I think maybe it feels a little different; Rory’s not in high school anymore, so yes, as grown women constantly forgetting… I just thought it was a funny runner. To me [Paul] was more of a metaphor for, this isn’t the right guy, and this is how they communicate about it, and does it go 10 steps too far? I don’t know, but it was 90 minutes. We had a lot of time to fill.”

Scott Patterson actually sums it up best, he jumps onto Lauren’s comment and himself states, “Paul was a sacrificial lamb, and he knew it! The audience knew it!”

Come on, you never actually thought that Paul would last through the whole revival, did you? He was a sweet enough guy, for sure. But not the one to win over Rory in the end. Nah, he was just there to remind us that Rory had in fact been dating people not named Dean, Jess, and Logan for the last nine years.

Paul, wherever you are right now, we hope you’re happy.

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