“Gilmore Girls” just hinted at Paris’ job during “A Year in the Life” and it is *perfect* for her

The full-length trailer for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life dropped yesterday, and since then we’ve been living in a world of rainbows ?, sunshine ☀️, and so much coffee ☕️.

While the trailer establishes a little bit more of what we’ll see when A Year in the Life kicks off on November 25th, most of the action revolves around Lorelai, Rory, and Emily Gilmore. But what about the supporting Gilmore Girls cast? The trailer also hints a little bit as to what they’re up to present-day, and the Gilmore Girls Instagram has just dropped a HUGE hint as to what Paris is doing during the four-part revival.

In the trailer, we see a quick shot of Paris standing in a hallway full of rich mahogany. Looking at who’s standing behind her in the background, it appears as if everyone is dressed in a Chilton uniform. Repeat: Paris is hanging out at Chilton.


She might also be doing a little bit more than just hanging out. Looking at this new IG from the GG account, it appears as if Paris has the esteemed honor of having her name on a door — a door that just might be the Principal’s office at Chilton.

It would make total sense that Paris returns back to her alma mater and is now running the place, because she was already sort of running it back in high school. But now she’s really in charge, and taking names, and not-breaking rules, and has probably established an entire curriculum around crafts. This is Paris’ school, and we all desperately want to attend.

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