Oh no, Melissa McCarthy says that no one asked her back for “Gilmore Girls”

Grab a big cup of coffee, because you’re going to need it. According to Melissa McCarthy, no one has approached her about returning to Gilmore Girls for the Netflix revival.


Deep breaths, everyone. It’s going to be okay.

Last week, Netflix ordered Gilmore Girls 2.0 into production, with all the main stars set to return. All of them, except Melissa McCarthy, who has shot to extreme comedy stardom in the last few years and has a pretty jam-packed schedule. Yesterday, series creator (and returning showrunner) Amy Sherman-Palladino explained that even though McCarthy probably wouldn’t stop by Stars Hollow, they’d be more than happy, and accommodating, if she wanted to show up for a quick cameo.

WELL, now McCarthy has broken her silence about the new Gilmore Girls show, and explained that no one has approached her about returning. WHAT the WHAT.

OKAY, let’s try not to freak out about this too much. Maybe this is all just a minor communication failure between Sherman-Palladino’s camp, and McCarthy’s people. Maybe we’re all just being thrown off the Sookie scent, so her return to the show is a BIG SURPRISE. Or… we’ve got another Olsen Twins/Fuller House scenario on our hands — where both sides say completely different things about returning to the show, and we don’t know who to believe or what to think, and we just want one of our favorite television shows back, you know?

Hopefully this is simply a case of McCarthy’s invitation getting lost in the mail, and this whole thing can be sorted out. Keep hope alive that we’ll see our Sookie St. James again.

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