There’s a brand new “Gilmore Girls” image that hints *a lot* at that baby rumor

Oh boy…and could this possibly be OH BABY? A new picture from Gilmore Girls shows us that Lorelai’s clearly just received some sort of news about ~something~ on the other end of the phone, but what??

With only 80 DAYS to go before Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life lands on Netflix, it’s about time we really start revving up for the revival, and now this new image is really sending us into a frenzy. Released earlier today by TVLine, it shows Luke and Lorelai checking out a screening of something — whether they’re watching a movie, or binging something on Netflix, that’s anyone’s guess right now. You can see that they’re joined by a few other long-term Stars Hollow residents, including Lane!!

But the focus is all on this double L duo, and more specifically, what did Lorelai just learn??


OBVIOUSLY, our first thought is that she’s just received word from her doctor, and she and Luke are about to become proud parents (again). It’s hard not to infer that since there are a zillion Gilmore Girls baby rumors out there right now. Also, there’s the fact that Luke is clearly pointing at himself, as if he and Lorelai are in the middle of a baby back-and-forth.

…and also, in a previously released image from Netflix (check it out below), Lorelai is wearing the same outfit, so we know these pictures happened on the same day, and she LOOKS LIKE SHE’S GLOWING, RIGHT? She is happy about something. But judging from the takeout food in both pictures, it looks like this second picture actually happened second…maybe.


But wait, before we all start freaking out too much, Gilmore Girls knows we are hungry for baby news, and doubtful Netflix would release the exact moment Lorelei and Luke find out they’re expecting before the revival even airs, right? RIGHT??

Only 80 days to go until we find out.

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