There might be a wedding on “Gilmore Girls” and now we’re freaking out

The more info we find out about Gilmore Girls: Seasons, the more excited we get. Casting announcements were made, the actors have been sharing pics from set and Stars Hollow will be back in our lives before we know it. We have few details around the story line, but we might know one thing: It looks like there’s a wedding on the horizon.

One fan might have uncovered a major plot point for us. While on a tour of Warner Bros. Studios (which includes Stars Hollow), Jordan McKamie noticed a very important sign taped to a prop: This ornate lamp is labeled “wedding.” Of course, Jordan shared the pic on Instagram, and the GG fanbase went totally wild.

And now we have so many questions. Who is getting married? Is it Luke and Lorelai? Paris and Doyle? Rory and Jess/Logan/Dean/somebody? Those are the obvious choices, but our money is actually on Emily. Hey, it’s been almost ten years since we last saw the Gilmores — pretty much anything is possible.

Kelly Bishop’s on-screen husband Edward Herrmann passed away in 2014, and while Gilmore Girls definitely won’t be the same without him, we hope she’s found happiness with somebody new. Because the show needs to kick off with something happy — we’d hate to see Emily sad the entire time.

Regardless of who will say “I do” in the presence of this intricate lamp, rest assured: The Gilmore Girls reboot isn’t wasting any time getting to the major life moments.

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