Due to a glitch, “Gilmore Girls” disappeared from Netflix, and the internet nearly lost its damn mind

As September 30th expired into October 1st, Netflix users across the United States saw some of its favorite television shows disappear from the streaming platform.

In those wee hours of October 1st, binge-worthy staples including Friday Night Lights, Prison Break, 30 Rock, and One Tree Hill left Netflix. While, of course, we were devastated to have to say goodbye — and quickly checked other streaming platforms to see if, like 30 Rock, they found new homes — we had been warned in advance, so we weren’t exactly shocked.

However, due to a glitch, ANOTHER one of our beloved shows was taken off Netflix — for just a little while on Sunday, we lost Gilmore Girls.

Netflix users seeking solace in their other favorite binges were shocked by the sudden disappearance of the iconic series. For a time, users who searched “Gilmore Girls” on the streaming platform were only presented with the option to watch the Netflix revival of the series, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

Naturally, fans panicked, and Twitter had a near-crisis:




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Fans were especially shaken, considering that Netflix had more notable content departing the streaming platform in October than normal.

Even Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is apparently *still* working his way through Season 3 of the WB series (which is only a teensy bit okay because he’s been busy being a genius), was left shook.

Guys, he just wants to know if Lorelai and Luke get together, and honestly, Lin, everyone should have the opportunity find out if they do in fact get together.

But luckily for Lin and the billions (probably) of fans who are trying to just sit back and watch Gilmore GirlsNetflix has fixed the glitch, and Gilmore Girls can be found here.

So there you have it. Gilmore Girls is back on Netflix, and oy with the poodles already!

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