There’s a monthly “Gilmore Girls” subscription box, and please take all our money


With the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival off on the horizon (and coming…sometime), the Lorelai and Rory mania level is currently HIGH. When you’re done binging the seven seasons of the show, you want to keep living it long after the credits have rolled. Sure, you can chug 1-3 cups of coffee, but you still need more. So how about a monthly Gilmore Girls subscription box?


Lit-Cube, a monthly novel subscription service, has put together the best monthly subscription box we’ve ever going to see. They’ve started the Stars Hollow Monthly, and it is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a box of Gilmore Girls goodies, and please, just go ahead and take all our money right now, we don’t need it any more because we need THIS.

Each box includes 3-5 different things inspired by both Gilmore Girls and Stars Hollow. The boxes promise to include things like t-shirts, home accessories, beauty items, coffee related things, and on occasion, a book that Rory would just love.

Before you grab for your wallet and start furiously typing in your credit card number, know that there are two different versions of the box you can get. You can sign up for the actual subscription, and receive it every month from now until the end of time (probably not until the end of time, but we hope). Or, you can order just one box. Both are $29.95.

As you can imagine, everyone wants this (including us) and spots for the box are limited. If this sounds like something you need in your life ASAP, Lit-Cube will open up subscriptions again on July 24th for the September box. And now go ahead and be ridiculously jealous, because the August box includes a Luke’s Diner bag, and we all missed it. Ugh, WANT.

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