Luke’s got a new sign in his diner on “Gilmore Girls,” and it will make you laugh and love him forever

Luke Danes is very much a grumpy old man set in his ways. We can say that, because we love him just the way he is. But these times, they are a-changin’, and Luke’s got to keep up with all sorts of modern technology and fads. Which means he needs to figure out what he does (AND DOES NOT), want within the perimeter of his diner.

During the OG run of Gilmore Girls, he had a prominently placed sign in his diner that read, NO CELL PHONES. You come to Luke’s diner, you drink your coffee, you don’t make any phone calls. His sign is also so ~2000s~ because the phone looks like a small brick Motorola.




For the Netflix Revival, we’re way past phones with antennas, and now Luke’s got to deal with so much MORE. Everything millennials love is probably giving him a real big headache. To quell that, he’s got a brand new sign in his diner, and it is huh-larious. The new episodes are currently filming, and a few very lucky people have gotten access to the set and have been more than kind to share their inside info with us. Like, what Luke’s sign now says.

Instagram user tschan happened to find herself in Stars Hollow, and snapped a pic of the new sign. Top right photo, the new sign is the the one next to the OG “no cell phones” sign with a big NO on it. It’s impossible to read. Thankfully in the picture’s comments, tschan writes it out:

OMG. Luke hates man buns. Of course he hates man buns. Know who would probably rock a great manbun? Jess. Also Dean. Images of both of them have surfaced from the set, and they both have longer hair, perfectly coifed and primed for a man bun should they want to go that route. Let’s hope they do. Even though Luke’s going to deny them so much coffee.

Update: Instagram user tschan has uploaded a close-up of the image, because she knows we crave Stars Hollow info all the time. Still 100% hilarious.

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