Netflix maybe just revealed something huge about “Gilmore Girls”

As we get closer to the revival of Gilmore Girls, we can’t help but wonder what has exactly changed in Stars Hollow and what has stayed the same — especially when it comes to the beloved hangout known as Luke’s Diner. Is the menu the same after all these years? Did Luke make a non-GMO pledge? Are there any gluten-free options?

One thing we thought we could count on staying the same was Luke’s adamant refusal of cell phone usage in his place of business. A sneak peek of the set revealed that his “No Cell Phone” sign was still in place, along with a new one that displayed rules such as “No texting while ordering, No MAN BUNS! No taking pictures of food,” et al.

However, despite what the signs say, there might be a huge technological advance at the diner.

Netflix posted a clever promo image on Instagram showing WiFi names referencing some of their original programming. There’s a “Litchfield” Wi-Fi, which of course refers to Orange is the New Black, alongside “Alias Investigations” (Jessica Jones), “Nelson & Murdock Studio” (Daredevil), and “NomiMarks Hotspot,” which is a nod to Sense8’s hacktivist character. Then, there’s one, unsecured WiFi marked “Luke’s.” HOW COULD THIS BE.


Even though it’s surprising, it does make sense. While Luke despised the sight of a cell phone back in the early ‘00s, it’s only practical (and good for business) that he offers free Wi-Fi to his patrons in 2016. But don’t think you can take food pics for Instagram! Luke still might enforce the “no taking pictures of food” rule.

If all this talk makes you want to enforce your own no cell phone rule, you can start by wearing this pin from Etsy.

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