You’ll fit right in at Luke’s Diner with this custom “Gilmore Girls” flannel shirt

Contrary to popular belief, the uniform at Luke’s Diner is not, in fact, a flannel shirt — but we can totally see where Jess got that idea. It comes from the fact that all Luke wears is flannel shirts and his trademark backwards baseball hat while he’s serving up pancakes and fresh coffee. Though he’s never been quick to hire extra help (remember how long it took Lane to break him down?), if wearing the ~Luke’s Diner Uniform~ is something you aspire to, direct your eyes and your wallets to this amazing custom Gilmore Girls flannel shirt.

Released by our friends over at Lit-Cube (you know, the amazing people behind Stars Hollow Monthly and the Stars Hollow Coffee Club), they’ve now got a flannel shirt for us to cozy up to next time you’re in the mood for a Gilmore Girls binge.


Also, it’s not a true thick and sturdy flannel shirt, but rather a flannel blouse, and OMG that’s even better. It’s also cut for the ~ladies~ out there, not for the Lukes, even though you’ll be wearing Luke’s sign loud and proud on your chest.

Before you place your oder, know that the shirts will NOT arrive before Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on November 25th. The shirts will, though, be out before the holidays so if you need this for your own shopping list (for someone you love…or yourself) go ahead and place your order ASAP because once the shirts are gone, they’re gone. Unlike Luke’s coffee, there are no unlimited refills (even if you’re Lorelai).

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