Jess is going to be in THREE of the “Gilmore Girls” episodes

Another day, another huge piece of information from the Gilmore Girls revival. According to Milo Ventimiglia, Jess is going to appear in THREE out of the FOUR episodes.

Even though you’re more than likely living and breathing Gilmore Girls right now, here’s a quick rundown to bring everyone up to speed: The show has found a new home on Netflix, about 99.9% of the original cast is returning (we continue to hold out hope for Melissa McCarthy to stop by), and there will be four 90-minute episodes, each one themed around a different season.

With each returning cast member announcement, we can’t help but wonder just when, and for how long, each familiar face will drop by. It could be all four episodes, it could be one episode, it could be a quick 15-second cameo at the Stars Hollow town meeting. Now, coming straight from Ventimiglia, he’s going to be around for not just one episode, BUT THREE! THREE!

Talking to TVLine, Ventimiglia wouldn’t officially confirm how many episodes he’s set to appear in, but he offered up this: Jess will be around for, “more than two, less than four.” That means, three.

Now, more importantly, what does this mean for #TeamJess? Dean (Jared Padalecki) and Logan (Matt Czuchry) are also set to reprise their roles, and for all we know, they could be around for three episodes, too. Or, they could only show up for one, maybe two, and if we follow this train of thought all the way to the end — could Rory and Jess be together?

Ventimiglia isn’t sure if Rory and Jess are together, and isn’t even sure if they should be together.

“I kind of love Scott Patterson’s reaction to [Rory’s relationships] at the Gilmore [Girls reunion] panel last year, where he said, ‘None of [the guys].’” Ventimiglia continued. “The fans are a better authority about who Rory should possibly be with or could be with.”

Well, I for one, and a firm #TeamJess believer, so having him stick around for three episodes sounds amazing. #TeamJess forever.

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