It’s “Gilmore Girls” official: Kirk is ~strongly~ Team Jess

Stars Hollow’s most important person has spoken — well, if you ask HIM he’s the most important person in Stars Hollow.

After what was undoubtedly a strong campaign from all sides, Kirk Gleason has finally made his decision: He’s #TeamJess, and he is so excited about it.

Sharing a picture from the recent Hero and Villains Fan Fest, Sean Gunn posted an image of him receiving a *precious* kiss on the cheek from none other than Jess himself, Milo Ventimiglia.

Gunn’s caption says it all:


Listen, if we suddenly received a kiss on the cheek from Jess, we’d react the same way, with just as many OMGs (probably even more). We’ve got to agree with Gunn on this one, because Team Jess is life, and TEAM JESS FOREVER.

Now just wondering if this carries over to the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix, too. During the show, Kirk never really had a ~Team~, and if he did have to pick one, he’d probably just be Team Kirk. There’s nothing wrong with being Team Kirk; there were a few select time (note: A FEW) that we were totally Team Kirk, too.

But nothing will ever fully tear us away from Jess. Glad that Gunn knows that, too.

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