12 pictures of Kirk during “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” just being really, ridiculously good-looking

Maybe it’s because I’m older now, and I’m not so hung up on Logan/Jess/Dean (JK, forever going to be obsessed with all of them). But this time around, watching the Gilmore Girls revival, I found myself not so much oogling Rory’s three main love-interests, but instead, Kirk.


But listen. It’s been nine years since we last checked in with Kirk in Stars Hollow, and the nine years have done him good. We’ve already certified Sean Gunn as a very handsome man, and he upheld that title throughout the four brand new Gilmore Girls episodes. Now a little bit older, a little bit grey-er (not like that’s a bad thing!!), and with a lot more facial stubble, Kirk Gleason was looking good.

Please don’t tell me I was the only one thinking that throughout the Netflix revival.

If you need proof that this is a real thing, and not just something happening in my mind, here are 12 pictures of Kirk bein’ Kirk that are pleasing to the eyes.

Kirk looked mighty spiffy shoing up to Friday Night dinner in his OOO-ber best.



Actually, his whole OOO-ber outfit is pretty great. That newsboy hat is working for him.


Kirk giving Taylor the side-eye is nothing short of ?


The way Kirk defends Petal’s honor (you know, when he sees a pig being roasted at the Spring Festival) shows you that he is a loving and caring individual. But we always knew that. Just like we always knew that he was prone to intense freak outs.



Kirk’s worn some weird outfits and gone through a variety of different styles…and Kirk as the main character in Eraserhead isn’t half bad.


Kirk most certainly looked his best for his second feature film.


In black and white, he still looks fine.


Kirk had a true freak out over Lorelai’s wedding, and you just wanted to give him hug and say that everything’s gonna be okay.


Yeah, the wedding between Lorelai and Luke was pretty great, but the SWEETEST moment of the entire revival happened when Lorelai told Kirk he had done a good job with the whole wedding. And he smiled, and went back to bottle-feeding Petal and your heart was just like so happy it could burst.


That is all. #TeamKirk.

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