Oh, so THIS is why Kirk totally crashed a Friday Night Dinner during “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”

When the first official trailer for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life was first released, we had so many questions. Who was Rory currently dating? Where was she working? How were relations with Luke and Lorelai? But perhaps most pressing of all was this question: why was Kirk at the Gilmore Girls’ Friday Night Dinner? Don’t get us wrong: we love Kirk. Kirk is the most underrated character on Gilmore Girls. But seeing him at Emily Gilmore’s table was more than a little unnerving. Lucky for us, now that the show has premiered, we finally have our answer.

Kirk is at the Gilmore Girls’ Friday Night Dinner because his car broke down!

Kirk, ever the entrepreneur, starts a company called “Ooober.” It’s basically a take on Uber, but “with three o’s instead of a u.”

As Kirk explains to Lorelai:

“It’s a service where people can request a ride and I will come and pick them up.”


Of course, being Kirk, they have to call his mom to request he pick them up. Only in kooky Stars Hollow…

Though Lorelai originally mocks Kirk’s latest business venture, she ends up needing a ride to her mother’s house after Gypsy can’t fix her car in time. So she calls on “Ooober” for a ride.

Of course, Kirk’s car is freezing (and looks like it’s about to fall apart). As Kirk explains:

“I vented the floor… I drilled a few holes in the floor. Two customers passed out last week. They were old so it could have just been old people passing out. Or carbon monoxide. I just thought better safe than sorry.”


When Kirk offers Lorelai water (which is customary for Uber drivers) he hands her an actual Brita filter. And when she requests music, Kirk begins to sing Carpenter songs. The effect is frankly magical. How we WISH Kirk’s company was real because we’d only ever give it FIVE STARS.

But, of course, after dropping Loreali off for Friday Night Dinner, his car breaks down at the end of the driveway and the maid hears his crying. Because he is Kirk. His reveal at dinner is an excellent sight gag. We don’t realize he is there until he says, “I’ll tell you what. I’ll dive in first. Mom always made me taste her food before she took a bite.”


Being a child at heart, Kirk ends up joining the maid’s children outside in a fun game of soccer, eventually catching a ride home with Luke and Lorelai. We don’t blame him for wanting to leave the frosty inside of Emily’s home (Tensions, of course, have not cooled between Emily and Lorelai. In fact, after Richard’s death, they seem unhappier than ever).

We’re grateful for Kirk’s presence at this dinner. He provided some much needed levity in an incredibly tense situation. We just wonder if he’s available for our own tense family meals. We think that would provide him with a much more successful business.

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