Kelly Bishop does not like the last four words of “Gilmore Girls” and this is awkward

Welp. You can’t please everyone, you know? Sometimes the bar is set *so high* that when expectations aren’t met, you are for sure going to hear about it. Like, say, if you learn the last four words of Gilmore Girls and you’re just like “~meh~” with them.

While we don’t know the last four words are of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, the cast does. They’re all sworn to secrecy, because duh, but a few residents of Stars Hollow have come forward to say that they’re ?.

And then there’s Kelly Bishop, who learned the last for words and was like “r u kidding?”

In an interview with The Daily Beast, the Gilmore matriarch explains that the last four words were not written in the script, and instead, it simply read: “And then the last four words are said.”

During filming, she never bothered to ask about the four words (so, guess that’s a spoiler because she’s NOT part of the back and forth conversation) but towards the end, she got curious. So, she asked someone in the four words know, and they told her. Kelly heard these last four words, and simply replied:


Just “Oh.” Meanwhile, we’re gathering up extra tissue boxes in anticipation of these last for words completely wrecking us.

Kelly knows her reaction to the last four words does not meet our Gilmore Girls expectations (and there’s always the chance she was actually told a fake four words, because #secrecy).

“If it’s true, this is a really lousy thing to say, if it’s really true that those are the last four words then my reaction is, ‘Eh,’” she continued. “That’s it.”

TBH, we’re kinda stunned with this reaction, but let’s be real for a second: This is a *perfect* Emily Gilmore reaction, and honestly it makes us love Kelly Bishop and her on-screen alter ego even more. You’re going to have to wake up extra early to really wow Kelly/Emily.

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