Paris’ job in “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” is absolutely *perfect* for her

Rest easy, friends, in the future Paris Geller is still taking names and kicking butt, and also birthing babies. For the last few months (okay, for the past 11 months) we’ve been desperately trying to figure out what Paris is up to, present-day. We’ve learned that her long-time roommate/BFF Rory has achieved her dream of becoming a journalist, but what about Paris? Last we saw her, she was off to med school — and it looks like she studied hard and did extremely well, because Paris’ job in the Gilmore Girls revival is seriously the best.

For starters, yes, it appears as if Paris made her way through med school with flying colors. While she never comes right out and says what kind of medicine she’s been practicing, from her currently employer, she went on to be an OB-GYN.

Oh wait, not her employer, because Paris is actually in charge, and she’s even got her name on the door. In the future, Paris is the lady in charge of a fertility clinic.

And the fertility clinic’s name? Dynasty Makers. ?

Because, of course, Paris is here to make a name for herself, and make a whole bunch of dynasties for others families, too. SO perfect.

As she tells Lorelai and Luke — wait, what are Luke and Lorelai doing there? Well, that’s a story for another time… — she’s got a lot of high profile clients in New York City, like Neil Patrick Harris. Not sure how NPH will react to learning that his name is being tossed around by ParisG eller, but hey, it’s Paris Geller. Everyone loves her. And no one wants to ever cross her.

Might as well go ahead and put the life of your future children in her capable hands.

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