We know exactly what Jess ~smells~ like on “Gilmore Girls,” in case you need to know

Let’s face the cold, hard truth: There’s a very slim chance we’ll ever meet Jess Mariano in real life, let alone have him ask us out on a date to a coffee shop, a book store, or wherever this Gilmore Girls dreamboat is hanging out nowadays. So, while we’re just going to have keep imagining a perfect day with Jess in our minds, at least now we’ve got some more information as to what that might look like. Or, better yet, what it might smell like.

Over the weekend at the Gilmore Girls Fan Festival in Washington Depot, Connecticut, HelloGiggles had the chance to talk to the one, the only Sean Gunn, who played Stars Hollow everyman Kirk for seven seasons (and will be back as Kirk in the revival!). While Gunn is firmly #TeamLogan — don’t get all up in arms, he has his reasons, like the fact that Logan was truly an intellectual equal for Rory and could spar with her — he totally understands why we’re all so passionately Team Jess.

And he also knows what Jess smells like.

So is it fresh picked flowers? Fresh vanilla cupcakes? The scent of cracking open a brand new book? Nope. None of the above. Jess actually smells like love.

"Pure love," Gunn clarifies. "Jess smells like anything that will make your heart melt or make you swoon."

Oh wow, we’ve never heard a more perfect description of Jess. He smells the way you want him to smell, because there’s just something about him that instantly draws you in and keeps you there (unless you’re Rory Gilmore).

So if you love mac and cheese the most, and then fall hard for Jess, he’s going to smell like mac and cheese and that sounds like the best love story EVER.

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