Stop what you’re doing, because you need to see these new pictures of Milo Ventimiglia RIGHT NOW

When you think of Jess Mariano, you probably picture this dreamboat, circa 2004.

Since then, the man behind Jess, Milo Ventimiglia, has grown — if you can believe it — into an even bigger dreamboat.

Last month, he was spotted with a full beard and much longer hair, and we were like YES, SIGN US UP.

And then earlier today he was spotted…kinda looking like he just got off a steam train in the 1800s after coming out West in search of gold.


It’s that mustache. It is 100% that mustache. THAT MUSTACHE.  Honestly, he kinda looks like Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character, Robert Todd Lincoln (you know, Abraham Lincoln’s son), from the movie, Lincoln.


This resemblance is something we can never un-see. But let’s be real for a sec: He still looks pretty perfect, especially sitting next to Disney Princess Mandy Moore (the two star together in the upcoming NBC fall show, This Is Us).



Raise your hand if this ~New Jess~ is a little bit shocking, but you’re into it at the same time.


The Gilmore Girls revival is already done shooting, so no, don’t fret, Jess will NOT have this mustache during A Year in the Life. There’s a very high chance that he could have it for This Is Us, which is in the middle of production right now.

Old-timey mustache or no old-timey mustache, we still love Ventimiglia no matter what. Always and forever.


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