Jess still has a super ~dreamy~ literary job during “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”

Attention Team Jess! (You know who you are) We know you’ve been waiting to find out what your fave brooding bad boy has been up to for the past decade or so. So have we. In a really big way. Now that the Gilmore Girls revival has finally hit Netflix (cheering forever!) we’ve got some answers.

As a refresher, the last time we saw Jess was in season six. He definitely still had the dreamy, intense look about him that made our knees go weak. You know, this one…



In addition to being not at all terrible to look at, he’d also authored a book. Jess’s novel, The Subsect, had been published by Truncheon Books, a small (and hella cool) publishing company run by 5 literary hipsters, including Jess himself. Our book-loving hearts are on the verge of exploding just thinking about it.

Good news, guys. Jess is still very much a literary girl’s dream come true. He still works at Truncheon. He’s still all about words and quick wit. AND he looks like this now:


We’re dying over here. DYING.

Jess is also still charming and sweet to Rory, and we can’t even handle it, guys. WE CAN’T.


BRB. Watching “Summer” and “Fall” on constant repeat.

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