We bet you didn’t notice this “Game of Thrones” reference in “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”

It wouldn’t be Gilmore Girls without some serious pop culture references and the Netflix revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life doesn’t disappoint. As usual, spoilers lie ahead! The first episode opened with a spectacular reference to Arrested Development in Rory’s forgettable boyfriend, Paul, and since then, we’ve heard references just about every minute. Of all the references to beloved TV shows, Taylor Doose’s Game of Thrones reference is probably the most spot-on.

In the Gilmore Girls universe, Taylor is the resident of Stars Hollow who not only knows everything, but has a stake in everything. Almost nothing happens in town without Taylor knowing about it.

Sound like any GOT characters we know and love?

That’s right, Taylor is Gilmore Girls’ very own Varys and boy does he know it. During the “Spring” episode of the revival, the town of Stars Hollow is having some serious Hollywood drama, or lack thereof. It appears that a film in being made in the neighboring town of Woodbury and all the A-list celebs attached to the film are staying in Woodbury, leaving the B-list celebs to stay in Stars Hollow, specifically the Dragonfly Inn. How does Taylor have all this information? Well, because his “little birds” told him.

Taylor informs the town of the big news at a town hall meeting. Begrudgingly, he says, “My little birds are telling me that a bunch of the B-level actors are staying at the Dragonfly [Inn].”

Taylor is distraught at the b-list actors staying in town because Stars Hollow is NOT a B-list town and luckily he has his “little birds” to inform him off all the biggest news.

Every GOT fan knows that Varys knows everything there is to know about Westeros through information from his “little birds” and honestly, it makes total sense for Taylor to have his own “little birds.”

We can’t believe it took us thing long to make the connection. If we had to guess, Kirk is probably the chattiest of the  “little birds.”

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