Unlike the last four words, the [spoiler] on “Gilmore Girls” wasn’t always planned

We promise we’ll stop talking about Rory’s love life on Gilmore Girls soon. Promise. Amy Sherman-Palladino has asked us to stop talking about it many, many times before, and we promise we’re close to being done with it (for now) okay? We’ve just got to take one last look back at Rory during A Year in the Life, and the fact that at the end of the revival she is (this is going to be a spoiler, so you better be up to date with Stars Hollow) PREGNANT. While we’re dying to know who’s the father of Rory’s baby, there are some who do actually know.

And no, they’re not telling us.

However, they are offering up the tiny little tidbit that the current father is maybe not the father who was planned all along.

In an interview with Vulture, ASP and her husband, Dan Palladino, sit down and discuss everything A Year in the Life, including the cliffhanger-y ending. When asked about the father of Rory’s baby, they confessed that yes, they do know who it is — however, unlike how the last four words were always planned, the father of Rory’s baby was not.

It sure seems like it would have been Logan at the end of Gilmore Girls‘ original run, and it’s Logan once again now, but according to ASP, they “didn’t know whose contracts would have been up by that point,” meaning that while they always knew Rory would be pregnant, the father was always a big TBD. If Matt Czuchry’s contract had expired before Season 7, and he was no longer on the show, obviously he would not be the father.

“When Amy first talked about the last four words — and we talked about them, like in season three, four, something like that, of the original series — it was really the moment that felt right and we quite frankly didn’t exactly know what the specific circumstances [were],” Dan continued.

Nine years later, now everything has been planned out, and yes, those behind-the-scenes at Gilmore Girls know who the father is. And we’ll be waiting right here until A Year in the Life Season 2 to find out ourselves.

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