There’s a “Gilmore Girls” fan theory that connects to “Friends” and our life is complete

Okay, so a Reddit user suggested a new fan theory that links Gilmore Girls with Friends and now we officially have no chill. NotAnAverageTaunTaun thinks there is good reason to believe that the writers of Gilmore Girls modeled the character Paris Geller after Rachel Green on Friends.

By now, we all know the infamous ending to the Friends series, where Rachel Green gets off the plane to Paris (where she was headed for a dream position at Louis Vuitton) and chooses to stay in New York with Ross Geller instead. According to this fan theory, “while Paris Geller’s name connection to Friends might have begun as an accident, her character arc is a deliberate flip-side of the coin from Rachel Green’s — a sort of redemption story. While Rachel sacrifices her career for love, Paris’s storyline time and again shows her doing the opposite; especially later in the show, after the Friends finale aired.”

In their respective series, Rachel Green and Paris Geller are polar opposites. Rachel had a rocky road to finding her career niche, then forfeits her hard-earned success for love after achieving the ultimate job offer in the entirety of her career. Meanwhile, “When faced with the possibility of her love life detracting from her future career, Paris breaks up with her beloved Yale boyfriend, Doyle — she refuses to let a boy stop her from attending medical school.”

This theory posits that after Friends ended, Gilmore Girls decided to give Rachel Green’s legacy some redemption in the form of continued notoriety on another early 2000s show. Meanwhile, another fan in the thread suggests a whole new connection: maybe Paris Geller is Ross’ sister. Another type-A sister to challenge Ross and snark on his antics? Now that would be funny.

One of these theories could be right, or perhaps there could be no connection at all between the characters. But for now, we’re enjoying the potential Gilmore Girls x Friends mashup. Mind. Blown.

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