Edward Herrmann’s family is certain he would have loved the “Gilmore Girls” revival, and we are so emotional right now

We all missed Richard Gilmore dearly in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. He’s probably our favorite TV grandfather of all time. And knowing that the late Edward Herrmann couldn’t be a part of the revival definitely broke our hearts.

In a panel hosted by Bustle during the 2017 Gilmore Girls Fan Fest, his family spoke about how they think Herrmann would’ve felt about Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Although we’re thrilled that they think he’d be thrilled, we definitely teared up a little reading the interview.

Edward’s wife and daughters spoke about his feelings about the series, and how much they think he would’ve loved the new season.

"I would say, Ed would have loved it," his wife, Star, said. "He would have been really unhappy that he couldn't be here to participate, because he felt very strongly that the series should go on because of what it had to say about people, their lives, and what it could do."


We’re unhappy he couldn’t participate too! But Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life really revolved around the loss of Edward/Richard and really paid homage to his memory in every way that it could. Despite his absence, Star revealed that the cast of Gilmore Girls still felt his presence.

She recounted an anecdote that Kelly Bishop, aka Emily Gilmore, shared with her:

"She said 'I loved it, and the first day on the set I kept saying Ed where are you, where are you Ed.' And all of a sudden when they started all of the lights went out on the whole set, and she said, 'Dammit, I knew you were here.' So she was really excited about that, because she felt like Ed's spirit was there letting them know that he was present and that he was with them."

We can only imagine how difficult it was for his family to watch the revival. So we’re really grateful that they took the time to do so and share their thoughts with us. Lots of love to them and, of course, to the late great Edward Herrmann, whom we miss SO much.

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