There’s an amazing “Gilmore Girls” Easter egg hiding in plain sight for the ENTIRE revival

As the title states, this article is going to cover elements of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life that are not in original run of Gilmore Girls. Turn around and eat a pop tart if you don’t want to see any spoilers.

Okay, so you’ve been diligently watching the Netflix revival and something keeps jumping out at you. Berta, Emily Gilmore’s housekeeper looks super familiar but you can’t seem to place her. This was going through the heads of tons of people watching the reboot but we finally have the answer.

Berta is played by Rose Abdoo, who also plays Stars Hollow mechanic, Gypsy.


It turns out, Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino didn’t have to go far when casting Emily new, and apparently beloved housekeeper. With glasses, a curly wig, and a new language, Berta was born. It was a very clever ruse that had a lot of fans guessing!

When fans began to speculate who Berta was, Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham took to Twitter to confirm the cool easter egg.

Graham revealed that the whole thing happened by chance — and Abdoo volunteering for a table read. Prior to taking on the role of Berta, Abdoo has been a longstanding member of the Gilmore Girls family, appearing as Gypsy from the second season onward. It was especially charming to see Abdoo as Berta interact with Emily Gilmore, seeing as Gypsy and Emily never really cross paths in Gilmore Girls.


While we know this casting was completely unintentional, it’s definitely a cool little easter egg for Gilmore Girls fans.

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