What happened when one woman went on a “Gilmore Girls” diet

Lorelai and Rory Gilmore are our heroes. They’re loving, funny and smart women who never fail to make us laugh. Sure, they’re known for their fast-talking banter, but they’re also famous for something else: their diet. Or rather, their lack thereof.

The two are always either eating food or drinking coffee, or both. And somehow, they never seem to gain a pound. Yes, that’s the magic of television for you, but still—you have to wonder if they’re on to something. So Marie Claire writer Lauren Valenti decided to go on the Gilmore Girls diet and see what happened.

No calorie counting, no strict rules, no eliminating sugars or starches or fats. Just good old fashioned eating whatever you want, whenever you want, like a teenager with a magical metabolism that won’t quit. And you know what happened? She lost two pounds. Seriously.

Valenti spent seven days eating like a Gilmore girl, and it pretty much sounds like the diet of our dreams. Think: pizza, pancakes, Chinese takeout, Chinese leftovers and snacks. ALL of the snacks. And coffee—duh. Over the course of the experiment, she ate everything from Pop Tarts to fried chicken fingers to Ben and Jerry’s to gummy bears. SHE EVEN MADE DESSERT SUSHI, YOU GUYS. That is commitment. But as expected, the side effects started to kick in. She grew tired of processed foods, got acne and consumed a little too much caffeine.

“It was undeniable: I was growing tired of the monotonous stream of junk in tandem with drinking so much coffee and started to developed [sic] a midday headache,” Valenti said of Day 4. “Antioxidants would have been reaaaally helpful.”

We definitely don’t recommend that this diet becomes your norm, but every once and a while, it’s fun to indulge your inner Gilmore girl. There is one thing we can agree on: Chinese leftovers are the best.

“The pizza was on point, but what really got me was just how magically microwaved, few-days-old Chinese good holds up,” Valenti said. “Lane and Sookie aside, it really is a Gilmore’s best friend.”

Read her entire diet diary here!

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