Here’s one sentence of dialogue from the “Gilmore Girls” revival to hold us over till ~whenever~

Amy Sherman-Palladino’s rapid fire Gilmore Girls dialogue is back! Well, eventually!

We still don’t know the exact date of the long-waiting and heavily anticipated Gilmore Girls revival, A Year in the Life, but we’ve got enough teases and behind-the-scenes looks to hold us over for now. Whenever it lands in our Netflix queue, we’ll be ready, and we’ll be totally prepared for what we’re in for.

JK, we’re never going to be emotionally prepared for the Gilmore Girls revival. To ease into it, how about one tiny snippet of dialogue from the first episode, “Winter?”

Keiko Agena shared a picture to Instagram of her in the studio recording ADR (Or, automated dialogue replacement for those who didn’t go to film school). The picture is dark and blurry, but we can make out a few things.

LIKE, the fact this is for the first episode, “Winter,” and it’s a scene between Lane and RORY, and tucked way down in the bottom we have one short eloquently written sentence: “Ah, you’re here.”


From the image, and the ADR session, it’s not clear who is noting that the other is here, whether Lane or Rory. But at least we know they’re 100% together, and happy to see the other. You can 1,000,000% bet that we’ll be happy to see the two of them together again soon.

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