Hold up, Dean was supposed to play a bigger role in the “Gilmore Girls” revival and this changes EVERYTHING

The big Gilmore Girls news right now is, most certainly, the fact that we’ve FINALLY got a release date (November 25th, 2016, only 120 days away, in case you were wondering). But let’s not let this amazing news stop us from freaking out about everything else Gilmore Girls. Like, the fact that it’s quite possible, Dean was maybe supposed to stick around in Stars Hollow for a little bit longer.

Over the weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, Jared Padalecki strolled in looking handsome as ever to talk about his show, Supernatural. But when you’re a part of the biggest Netflix revival ever (according to us), you’re going to have to field some Gilmore Girls questions, too.

Zap2It got the chance to chat up Padalecki during Comic-Con, and conversation quickly shifted to Rory’s first love, Dean. According to Padalecki, he hasn’t seen ANYTHING yet, but that’s all about to change when he gets to watch  “Winter” before the rest of the planet, and we’re all super jealous.

He also dropped this very interesting piece of information:

“They shot [A Year in the Life] during Supernatural. [Showrunner and Gilmore Girls mastermind Amy Sherman Palladino] wanted me to be a bigger part of it, but I could only get down for one day.”

It’s a huge bummer that Dean will probably only appear in a scene, maybe a full episode. But hold up, ASP wanted him to be a BIGGER PART OF IT??

Oh gosh, does that mean what we think it means? Might Rory have ended up with Dean, had Padalecki only been available for a little bit longer? Right now, all evidence strongly points to either Jess or Logan being The Chosen One, since they’re going to appear in three and four episodes, respectively.

But then again, Rory is a strong, independent, and intelligent young lady and doesn’t need any man in her life (but pick Jess, Rory, please).

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