‘Gilmore Girls’ Star David Sutcliffe Praised Capitol Rioters, If You Weren’t Already Anti Team Christopher

A part of us wasn't surprised.

Um…yikes. Like, big, BIG, yikes. Gilmore Girls fans are screaming, “we told you that Christopher was the worst,” after the actor who played Rory’s (Alexis Bledel) father seemingly outed his far-right political stance on Twitter. David Sutcliffe responded to rumors that he was part of the January 6th Capitol riots in a pretty concerning way—as if we couldn’t be more turned off by Christopher.

“There are rumors circulating that I ‘stormed the [Capitol],'” Sutcliffe wrote on Twitter on January 16th, quote tweeting a video of one of the Capitol rioters smoking marijuana inside the Capitol Building. “Not true—though I would have been proud to share a smoke with this great Patriot!”

The passing of the joint from one unmasked rioter to another during the pandemic…the fact that the Capitol riots happened…the way Sutcliffe misspelled “Capitol,” but capitalized “Patriot”…it’s really too much to take in at once.

Sutcliffe, a Canadian actor, retired from acting in 2018 after appearing in 37 episodes of Gilmore Girls, as well as the 2016 miniseries Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. In recent years, he also made guest appearances on Insecure and The Romanoffs but has now shifted into a new career as a life coach.

David Sutcliffe

Lovers of Gilmore Girls and haters of insurrection alike showed up to the replies ready to bite back.

“Can u call the Gilmore girls crew or whatever and tell them to cut you out of the show?” one Twitter user asked. “I don’t want to see a racist and supporter of white supremacy on my favourite show.” Same!

Sadly, we cannot take Sutcliffe’s tweet as a one-off joke—his far-right political views have been steeping for some time. Scrolling through his liked tweets, you’ll stumble upon anti-mask and anti-vaccine content, a tweet that reads “Women’s politics is best for the home. Men’s politics is best for the world,” and another that reads, “The authoritarian left is not just cruel it’s sick…those of us on the left that don’t buy into authoritarianism or ideological bullshit are hunted.”

Lorelai (Lauren Graham) said it best when she told Christopher, “You know what the worst part of it was? When you weren’t there [or, in the case, when you showed yourself to be part of the alt-right], part of me wasn’t surprised.” Ugh.

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