The “Gilmore Girls” twitter just tweeted out something cryptic, WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

Gilmore Girls isn’t even back yet, and it feels like we’re being GILMORED.

In case you missed it, Gilmore Girls has truly entered the 21st century, and now has an Instagram and a Twitter — all thanks to the new revival on Netflix, which can’t get here fast enough. While the former has posted one image and one image alone (but it’s a really good image) the second hasn’t posted anything…until yesterday.

They tweeted out one super cryptic tweet. Their first tweet! You know the first tweet makes or breaks you as a twitter user, and this one…well…can you hear us screaming? false


If the la, la, las don’t immediately jog your memory, they’re the la, la, las that lead into Gilmore Girls scenes, usually immediately following the opening credits, or commercials, or simply BIG moments on the show.

While we still do not have a release date (and it’s starting to feel like we’ll never have a release date, but we’re just being dramatic) clearly all this new social medial activity means that SOMETHING is happening, and probably SOON. Start mentally preparing yourselves, because the Gilmore Girls release date could happen AT. ANY. TIME. 

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