‘Gilmore Girls’ is coming back. We repeat, ‘Gilmore Girls’ is coming back

Remember the one where Rory hit a deer? Or the one where Kim Gordon showed up to busk in Star’s Hollow? Or the one where Lorelai got a dog and named him Paul Anka? Ah the Gilmore Girls, how we miss your weird, reference-filled, coffee-soaked world. But we won’t have to miss you for much longer, because you’re coming back to us and we are so excited.

Yup, you heard us. The Girls will be back on TV this fall! But to be clear, there will be no new episodes. But mega Gilmore Girls  marathons on the new network Up! TV. Starting on October 5th, you can relive growing up with Rory and Lorelai Gilmore all over again, every night at 7PM. Sure the show is on Netflix but there’s something lovely about not binging and watching one Gilmore-filled episode at the time.

Is there any chance that we might see new Gilmore episodes any time soon? It’s worth asking now that Parenthood is over and Lauren Graham is free and Alexis Bledel isn’t tied to any weekly series. Plus, the Gilmore Girls crew totally pulled on our heartstrings when they reunited a few months ago.

Right now the answer is unfortunately no, but you can look forward to seeing Lauren Graham play a late night talk show host in a TV movie called Kate on Later at some point this year –she co-wrote it with Liz Tuccillo, who was a writer on Sex & the City.

Gilmore Girls is worth watching again, we assure you. You can catch all the ways it predicted the future, revisit all of Rory’s relationships and rank them this time, and see if you buy our conspiracy theory that Gilmore Girls and Twin Peaks are set in the same kooky universe.

(Image via The CW, Instagram)

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