There’s a new “Gilmore Girls” clip that shows *that moment* just before Lorelai’s phone call

Last night, Jimmy Fallon’s top three Gilmore Girls characters — Luke, Kirk, and Paris — stopped by The Tonight Show. It was surely a sight to be seen watching Scott Patterson, Sean Gunn, and Liza Weil chat up the *big time* Gilmore Girls fan, and discuss all things A Year in the Life. They even brought along a brand new clip!

While Fallon tried to press them for the final four words (only Scott knows them…and maybe Liza), they bantered back and forth about what the four words are not, so go ahead and scratch off, “Kirk drop the gun,” and “Kirk is your overlord.” Those are not the last four words, so sorry to say.

But then they get into this clip! It’s a clip from “Spring,” and we know that because Luke and Lorelai find themselves at the Black & White & Read theater for a showing of Eraserhead. And we’ve seen this setting before, and we know this is “Spring.”


Considering how worried/freaked out Lorelai looks, and the fact that Luke is pointing at himself, when we first saw this image we were immediately like OMG, BABY! Because someone’s gotta have a baby in this revival, right?

Well, the lead up to this Gilmore Girls moment doesn’t exactly suggest that there’s a baby on the way for Luke and Lorelai. Instead, the two settle in at the theater, as Kirk politely begs them to stop bringing in outside food — LOL at Andrew unloading an entire chocolate cake. Typical Stars Hollow.

The clip cuts just before this fateful phone call comes in, and UGH only ONE DAY until we can find out what this whole phone-call-situation is really about.

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