Here’s Which Beloved ‘Gilmore Girls’ Character You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Find out if you're a Lorelai, Rory, Luke, or another Stars Hollow resident.

No matter what the situation, we like to turn to the stars to guide us. And today, as we’re daydreaming about strolling through lovely Stars Hollow, the setting of Gilmore Girls, we’ve found ourselves wondering which character we would be on the beloved early ’00’s show. The solution? Discover which Gilmore Girls character you are, based on your zodiac sign. Yes, we are combining two of our favorite things into one, with the help of stellar astrologer Jessica Adams. Now, all we have to say is Ya-Ya!


lane kim gilmore girls quiz

If there’s one thing you fear in this world, it’s loneliness. That’s why you prefer quality over quantity when it comes to your friends. Rather than surrounding yourself with a crowd of acquaintances, you’d much rather have a handful of people who put the second F in BFF. This reminds us of a certain someone named Lane Kim, a character who surrounds herself with a community of like-minded individuals (minus the time she became a cheerleader, of course). Lane might have been a bit eccentric at times, but she was a true friend until the end—just like you.


If someone were to tell you to travel to your happy place, you really wouldn’t need to go anywhere. That’s because your happy place is your imagination, the part of you that allows you to escape reality. Fortunately, this can be channeled into many different areas of your life. Perfect example: music, such as the artistic genre Hep Alien produces. That’s right—we’re thinking that Zach is your Gilmore Girls zodiac soulmate, especially since he has a gentle, compassionate soul that perfectly mirrors that of a Pisces.


Gilmore Girls quiz Lorelai Gilmore

No matter what obstacles manifest themselves before you, know that you have the confidence and courage to press on. That’s exactly why you are primed to take on any and every leadership role and have the ability to lead an army amid a world of challenges. Yes, you—a Lorelai Gilmore—can do anything you set your mind to (even if it may not go according to the plan you have in your head). You can be a damn great single mother, run a business you’re passionate about, and can even have time to help a friend in need. Just make sure your stubbornness doesn’t get the best of you.


When a friend is looking for someone who embodies reliability, responsibility, and stability, it’s likely that they will give you a call. This is especially the case because you’re the type of person who will go to great lengths to protect those you love and care for. Basically, you’re the perfect first love, like a certain Dean Forester. Though you are loyal to consistency and reject change of any kind, this makes you a great comfort to many people. However, you must watch out for your uncompromising nature because, unfortunately, change happens and won’t stop for even the most reliable of us all.


gilmore girls quiz

Every day, those closest to you are never sure which version of your personality they might get. On one hand, you could be feeling serious as you aim to escape into your own thoughts. Then again, you may enter a room with a burst of energy that keeps things fun and uplifting for those around you. And when both these facets of your disposition come together, what you get is adaptability, like that of Emily Gilmore. Though this character has been through quite a lot, she continues to face the world head-on, using her easily bored nature to her benefit. Just like Emily, you keep the rest of us on our toes in the best way.


Gilmore Girls quiz

Oftentimes, you feel as though you are carrying around a sea of emotions within your sensitive soul. Yet this is exactly what makes you the sympathetic person you are, the type of person others know they can go to when they are in need of love and care. What’s perhaps the best part is that you can easily channel your emotions into your favorite form of art…like food! Yes, similar to Sookie St. James, you have the ability to use your emotions to create works of art others can lovingly enjoy. Not only are you a great friend, you’re also an enviable creator, and that makes you a plain beautiful soul.


You were born to be a performer, Leo, in every sense of the word. You have the creativity of an artist, the passion of a theater major, and the self-confidence of someone who loves to be on stage. When you put these characteristics together, what you get is someone who isn’t afraid to be in the spotlight as they pave the way for others. Now, you probably know which Gilmore Girls character we have in mind for you, don’t you? Yeah, it’s Logan Huntzberger. Without a doubt, you’d be a member of The Life and Death Brigade as you work to exercise your stage presence for a crowd.


Gilmore Girls quiz Rory Gilmore

Those who do not know you well may initially assume that you are shy and guarded, but that’s only because they don’t yet realize just how analytical you are. You fervently pay attention to even the smallest of details, which emphasizes the fact that you are one extremely hardworking individual who often struggles with work-life balance. That’s mostly because your goals are so important to you, which Rory Gilmore can attest to. Just like Rory, you are organized, careful, and driven—so much so that you likely don’t believe in the mantra work hard, play hard. 


No matter what happens, it is important that everything stays balanced in your world. That’s because you have a great respect for peace and harmony, which is also why you are the type of person who believes in following the rules. Your sense of justice is a key part of you, much like a character named Michel Gerard. Both you and Michel love to admire the beautiful things in this world, yet there is one thing you certainly don’t find beautiful: chaos. In fact, you cannot tolerate injustice or rule-breaking of any kind, especially if it turns everything in your carefully curated world upside down.


Luke Danes Gilmore Girls quiz

If someone were to sum up their first impression of you in one word, it would more than likely be this one: intense. Although this inner intensity of yours may scare some off, others are able to realize that you’re simply this way because you like to be in control. You like to be the captain of your own ship and often have trouble letting others steer and show you the way. Just like Luke Danes, you would much prefer to be the owner of your own diner. Yet, at the same time, you often have to control your obsessive nature to keep the peace around you. After all, not everyone has the unique kind of passion you do.


Hating to be held down by forces that threaten to take away your freedom, you are a distinctly free spirit who craves independence. But that’s only because you’re idealistic and want to see all the beauty the world has to offer. Much like Jess Mariano, you’re seen as a traveler who’s out to learn more about the philosophies of the universe. You don’t want to be imprisoned by anyone or anything, and much prefer to be out in the world experiencing life. Those you love may tell you to stop being impatient and flighty, but they don’t understand just how thirsty you are for freedom.


gilmore girls quiz

When it comes to being a professional who values the hard work that comes with working one’s way to the top, you’ve got it all covered. Yet this can often lead to you coming off as a know-it-all or pessimist who has trouble having fun and letting go. With this in mind, we can easily imagine you relating to one specific character when taking in all Gilmore Girls has to offer: Paris Gellar. Though she’s responsible and great at controlling herself, Paris also values the quality craftsmanship that results from hard work and dedication. While she (much like you) has trouble keeping her pessimism and unforgiving nature to herself, that doesn’t mean she isn’t a formidable leader who also values those closest to her.

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