Perfectly valid ways we can get Melissa McCarthy back on “Gilmore Girls”

Maybe you’ve heard this good news: GILMORE GIRLS IS COMING BACK.

Sorry for yelling, but this news is all kinds of exciting. Netflix is reviving the show for four brand new episodes, that will pick up present day for our Stars Hollow gang. Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel will be back as supreme mother-daughter duo Lorelai and Rory. Scott Patterson and Kelly Bishop are back as Luke and Emily Gilmore. Plus, Sean Gunn is back as our favorite everyman Kirk, along with Keiko Agena playing Rory’s best friend, Lane.

This is all INCREDIBLY EXCITING, but there is one name missing from this list: Melissa McCarthy. Where in the world/Stars Hollow is Sookie?

During GG’s run from 2000 to 2007, the name “Melissa McCarthy” was not a household name. Now, after a dozen roles in hilarious movies that have gone on to gross millions (including one Oscar nom and one Emmy win) she’s kinda a big deal. So as sad as it is realize, McCarthy might just be too busy to swing by the weekly Town Meeting.

BUT! Let’s not forget this is 2016, friends. There are ways to get McCarthy back into the groove of the show, even if she can’t make it out for the whole season, let alone a single episode.

Constant texting


What do you do if you can’t see your best friend every waking moment of the day? Why, you text them, of course. Maybe a running joke through the revival series is that Lorelai and Sookie are just constantly texting. She’ll still be present, but not there.

FaceTime with Lorelai


We need two iPhones. Lorelai has one, Sookie has the other, and they call each other from time-to-time to check up. Just quick calls, nothing major. At least we’ll get to see Sookie’s beautiful face.

Weekly Sookie dinner


Along the same lines as the OG Weekly Emily Dinner, but this time, with Sookie. Perhaps she and Lorelai have a standing date once a week, or even once a month, to grab dinner.

Gilmore Girls destination episode


There’s a high chance Sookie isn’t living in Stars Hollow anymore. That means, Lorelai, and Rory, need to pack an overnight back and head off to wherever she’s now located.

Gilmore Girls weekend getaway


How about instead of traveling to Sookie, Sookie and Lorelai have a spa weekend. Last we saw Sookie, she was pregnant with her third child. In the last nine years, who knows, she could have more. She probably needs a little R&R. Even just a quick montage of the fun the two had away for the weekend.

Holographic Sookie


The scenario: Kirk buys a hologram machine, because why not. Sets it up by the gazebo, because why not. Lorelai monopolizes it to talk to a holographic Sookie, because ALWAYS.

Giant Sookie cardboard cutout


Lorelai is the kind of lady who wouldn’t just carry around a photo of their best friend in their wallet, but a giant cardboard cutout, treating it like a real human. That has a lot of potential for comedy (and to scare Luke all the time).

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