We found it, here’s the *best* behind-the-scenes picture from the “Gilmore Girls” revival

We came, we saw, we completely binged Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. While the 11 months leading up to this monumental occasion was dotted with awesome behind-the-scenes Gilmore Girls pictures here and there, there was never anything too revealing. But now that we’ve binged the whole show, and know the last four words, it’s time for the best behind- the-scenes pictures we didn’t see these past 11 months to emerge.

And oh boy, this is truly the best. Or maybe, we should say, “oh dog and oh pig.”

Sean Gunn, who once again returned to play Stars Hollow’s resident everyman Kirk, has been sharing behind-the-scenes pictures to his Instagram, and Sunday night he shared what is possibly the best picture of the entire series. Oddly enough it doesn’t even include Jess!

As you will fondly remember in A Year in the Life, Kirk and Lulu now have a pig, because Stars Hollow is hoping that the pig will keep the two of them from having a baby for at least three years. It seems to be working. The pig’s name is Petal, and she is precious, and maybe a diva, too. So much of a diva, she requires a pig-stand in.

Just like actors will use stand-ins for scenes when they’re unavailable, Petal AND Paul Anka had stand-ins for the revival. STUFFED stand-ins.

Gunn’s picture shows that when it was time for the pig and the dog to leave (and we assume that IRL, Market the Pig and Sparky the dog are BFFs), they were replaced by stuffed animals:

No one else even has to post any other behind-the-scenes pictures from the revival. This is the best one. This is the best one we’re ever going to see. Stuffed Petal and Stuffed Paul Anka? OMG, where can we buy one ourselves?

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