Come on, we all know who the [spoiler] is on “Gilmore Girls.” Here’s why that doesn’t matter

The word SPOILER is in the headline of the story, so if you’ve somehow stumbled here and haven’t watched all of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life yet, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR OWN LIFE?

At first, when I sat down to write the “who is the father??” story about Gilmore Girls, I was going to do it as some sort of ~wild speculation~ story. Mostly, because I just really wanted to bring up Rory’s one-night stand with the Wookie, and widely speculate that one day, Rory is going to have a bunch of little Wookies running around Stars Hollow, and in my mind, that image is really funny.

However, I can’t bring myself to write some sort of wild speculation story about the father of Rory’s baby, because I know in my heart who it is. You know in your heart who it is, too, and it’s time for us all to admit it. Though it’s not confirmed — and heck, maybe it’ll never be confirmed — we all know the father is Logan Huntzberger.


After Rory breaks it off with Logan (for, ahem) the second time during the revival, we don’t see much of her love life after that. We know she and Logan slept together the Night of the Life and Death Brigade Reunion That Seemed Like A Fever Dream (Or Was That Just Me?), and it can be assumed she didn’t see her actual boyfriend, Paul, after this. She also makes it clear she’s never seeing her Wookie-one-night-stand again. So unless we’re about to talk about immaculate conception, the baby is Logan’s.

This fits in line perfectly with the original ending showrunner Amy Sherman-Pallidino had planned for the show. Season 7 would have had Rory and Logan dating in college, and at the end of the series finale, Rory would have disclosed to her mother that she was pregnant with these last four words. Back then, the baby would have undoubtedly been Logan’s(unless Rory went off and had some secret tryst with someone senior year of college, but probably not), and now, it’s Logan’s.

The baby was always supposed to be Logan’s. But you know what? That doesn’t even matter in the scope of things when it comes to the Gilmore girls — whoops, sorry, I’ll drop the “the.”

This is a perfectly fitting full circle for Gilmore Girls. Rory’s conversation with Christopher seems to indicate that she plans to raise the baby on her own, just like her mom did with her (but major note here: Unlike 16-year old Lorelai, Rory has a hella established support system, so it’s not even fair to say that she’d be “raising the baby on her own” because she’ll have all of Stars Hollow with her).

If there are no more episodes of Gilmore Girls (but please oh please oh please give us more episodes), we don’t necessarily need to know what happens in the future, because we already know what happens. Do you have any doubt in your mind that Rory will raise her new baby just as perfect as Lorelai raised Rory? Gilmore Girls, at it’s root, is a story about a mother-daughter relationship, and once again that story continues on.

This story was never about Logan Huntzberger’s future baby. The story is about Rory Gilmore’s future baby.


The story from here is all about how one day soon, Rory’s going to be a great mom, just like her mom (and just like her mom’s mom, and so on and so forth for all of Gilmore history). The father of the baby could be ANYONE; but right now, for us, it’s the baby’s mom who’s really important.