Here’s how April, aka Vanessa Marano, knew Luke and Lorelai were going to break up on “Gilmore Girls”

The course of true love never did run smooth, and it’s been one hell of a bumpy ride for Lorelai Gilmore and Luke Danes. Then young April Nardini has to show up in Stars Hollow on Gilmore Girls, and oh boy girl. Even worse, April knew what she was getting into the first time she stepped foot Luke’s Diner. She knew she was there to break up Luke and Lorelai, and she felt RELLY BAD about it, okay??

Vanessa Marano, a “huge fan” of the show growing up, heard about the part of April, and could sense that trouble was coming.

“I remember that breakdown came out for the part of April and it was like: teenaged girl, quirky, has a storyline with Luke,” she told the crowd during the cast panel at the Gilmore Girls Fan Festival in the IRL Stars Hollow, Washington Depot, Connecticut.

“That as all the information that was given, and because I was crazy and obsessed with the show, I said ‘They’re giving [Luke] a daughter because they need to break-up Luke and Lorelai! Because, they’ve already broken up once, and anybody who watches TV shows [knows] main characters break up three times before they ever get back together!’”

Even though she knew she was walking into the wrath of Gilmore Girls fans everywhere, she had to do it.

"I was tormented because I didn't want them to break up — but at the same time I wanted to be on Gilmore Girls. And ultimately, the part that loved Gilmore Girls and employment won."

And yes, Marano is well aware April might be the *least* liked Gilmore Girls character ever.

“My character is literally so hated, and it’s so nice now that like ten years later [Luke and Lorelai] got back together, so HA! It was FINE,” She says with a laugh.

Let’s be real with each other for a second: If we were told we could spend a day in Stars Hollow, but it meant Luke and Lorelei would break up (again), we’d be there in a heart beat. Because, come on, they’ve still got like 35 break ups and reconciliations in them. What’s one more?

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