This Gilmore Girl was casually hanging out with Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama has only had Snapchat for three days and she’s already outdone us all. Not because she’s better at using filters than all of us or because she has The White House as a backdrop, but because she is set to have a super special guest appear alongside her. Surprise: It’s Rory Gilmore (who goes by “Alexis Bledel” in real life)!

Yesterday, the First Lady tweeted out this teaser image, making us all want to instantly transport ourselves to The White House so we could gush over these two powerhouses: false

Now let’s dissect. It looks as though Alexis is going to be sitting down with Michelle to possibly talk about all the books on the table in front of them – maybe in honor of Michelle’s new Let Girls Learn initiative? After all, Rory was known for reading. The best part: Alexis seems to have brought the First Lady a box of Poptarts as a gift! Because that’s exactly what Rory would do.

Super important question: What type of Poptarts do you gift to Michelle Obama? How do you make that decision? (Our bet’s on a classic blueberry or strawberry flavor.)

According to Teen Vogue, on the First Lady’s Snapchat, Alexis announced, “I’m back at the White House!

Hopefully, we won’t be left in the dark for much longer. According to the Snapchat teaser, there will be “more coming soon…” So maybe Alexis will become a fixture on the First Lady’s social media platforms? Rory would be so proud (and would def eat a Poptart to celebrate).

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