We are here for Gillian Anderson channeling Marilyn Monroe in new “American Gods” image

Leave it to a modern day actress and icon to so perfectly embody a classic American actress and icon. With all the buzz around Starz’ latest series American Gods (and its incredibly talented cast), there had yet to be any visuals of how the wonderful Gillian Anderson would look for her role as “Media.”

At least until yesterday when the actress tweeted a beautiful teaser picture invoking the half-human, half-goddess Marilyn Monroe. false false

Anderson isn’t playing Marilyn per se, but it seems like the silver screen adaption of American Gods chose to make the Media character have some Marilyn influence. Anderson always bring a great deal of grounded reality and incredible emotion to the performance, which is why we love watching her so much and are excited to get a chance to see her more regularly in a totally intriguing role.

The Starz series already looked totally fascinating, with American folklore and legends being personified IRL.

This show is already blowing our minds but we have to wait until 2017 to see this magic come to life.