Gillian Anderson is writing a feminist manifesto for teens and we need it now

Growing up, reading those “What I wish I could tell my 13 year old self” letters written by cool women we wanted to be just like was the highlight of every magazine we read. Well, start saving for all of the younger women in your life because in March 2017, Gillian Anderson, a.k.a. Agent Scully is releasing a feminist manifesto for teens. You can already ore-order We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere, co-written with journalist Jennifer Nadel.

The two women wanted to create a body of work that young women could use as a blueprint to address low self-esteem and we can’t wait to get our hands on a copy.

“I was moved by the fact that teen suicides are at the highest they have ever been, Anderson said this week at a Cinema Society party for the upcoming book. “There is so much low self-esteem in girls, and so much self-hate that I keep reading about. My first idea for a book was something that would help to lift girls out of that place of negativity.

The book will be organized around nine principles — honesty, acceptance, courage, trust, humility, peace, love, joy, and kindness.

“This book isn’t about what we’ve figured out, she said. “We were both very honest in the book about our trials and tribulations, where we have tried things and failed, and what we have learned over the years. What has worked and hasn’t worked.

Knowing that even Agent Scully doesn’t have all the answers is totally refreshing.

That, combined with what Anderson and Nadel’s do know is sure to have a positive impact on young women.

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